Mesh Gloves 101 White Paper

Presenting the all steel Niroflex2000. 

Providing the ultimate in cut protection, stainless steel gloves are ideal for meat and poultry food processing applications. 

Key Benefits

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  • All gloves are constructed from individually-welded 4.2mm rings of AISI 304L stainless steel
  • Shaped, ergonomic design for comfort and fit
  • Available in a full range of sizes from extra-extra-small through extra-large
  • All gloves comply with European specification EN1082
  • Niroflex2000 gloves feature an exclusive, patented all steel construction for hygienic, safe, and easy cleaning
  • Full line of metal mesh apparel available - including custom designed garments in ultra-light-weight titanium and stainless steel ring mesh.

Now with new, improved,
color-coded gauntlet cuff stiffeners

Product Listing

Niroflex2000 Ultra-Hygienic Product Line
GU-2500 - all steel 5 finger style, wrist length

Niroflex 2000 wrist length glove

GU-2504 - all steel 5 finger style with 3 inch (7.5 cm) mesh short cuff

GU-2509 - all steel 5 finger style with 6 inch (15 cm) mesh long cuff

GU-2515 - all steel 5 finger style, elbow length, with 9 inch (23 cm) mesh long cuff

GU-2532 - all steel 5 finger style, shoulder length

Niroflex2000 Shoulder Length

GS-100 - Mesh Glove Tensioner

Even though our mesh gloves are the most ergonomically correct mesh gloves in the world, the loose nature of ring mesh can still be a challenge for proper fit. We now offer a simple, sanitary polymeric mesh glove tensioner that fits over the mesh glove on the back of the hand and provides a tighter fit for the working area of the palm and fingers without hindering comfort or dexterity.

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